Trying To Become A Morning Workout Person? This 30 Day Challenge Can Help

Trying To Become A Morning Workout Person? This 30 Day Challenge Can Help

If you're not a morning person, waking up and getting to work on time can be a tough task in itself, let alone getting up and also squeezing in a workout before getting to the office. 

However, studies have shown that the early person (who fits in a workout) not only gets the worm, but is also more productive, burns more calories throughout the day and happens to be more consistent with their fitness regime.

So how do you become an early riser who (enjoys) working out in the morning? Refinery29 has designed a 30-Day Challenge to help motivate you, using four main movements that slowly build upon one another and get tougher (and longer) as the days go on (and as you get acclimated to your new morning routine). 

The core moves to master: plank toe lifts, pikes, crabs and jump shuff (don't worry will go through them each in detail later).

Additionally, they feature bonus moves on given days such as jumping jacks, high knees, and buttkickers for an added sweat.

The 30-Challenge

30-Day Workout Challenge

So now that you've seen the workout and days mapped out, let's take a more in-depth look at each of the movements listed above.

Plank TLS (Plank Toe Lifts)

Holding a plank position on your forearms lift each foot off the ground one at a time (both sides = one rep).

Pike Hops (Pikes) 

Starting in a straight-arm plank position hop your feet behind your hands, so your body is in a pike (or upside down V) and then hop your feet back to a plank. Repeat.

Crab Toe Touches (Crabs)

Sit on the ground with your knees bent, hands flat behind your butt facing forward, and lift your butt off the ground. Now, lift up opposite arm and leg and reach fingers to touch toes. Repeat with the opposite side -- without letting the butt touch the ground (each side = one rep).

Broad Jump Shuffle (Jump Shuff)

Start upright with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat slightly back while swinging your arms behind you for momentum and launch yourself forward landing into a deep squat. Stand up and quickly do a one-two shuffle backwards to get your feet to where you started. Repeat.

S0 the first day you'll start with your five Plank TLs and if you're feeling extra ambitious do the bonus 20 jumping jacks (which will take all of about five extra minutes aka one snooze sess). The next day will be ten Pikes and again, if you're feeling up to it 20 high knees in place (still no more than five to eight minutes). Day three will be your 10 crabs and the bonus 20 butt-kicks. Lastly, day four will be just five jump shuffs. Day five is a rest day and then the moves will build upon one another and grow more strenuous from there for 30 days. Not so bad, right? It'll have you becoming a morning person in no time!

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