Wine And Cheese Shots Are Totally Taking Over The Pregame Scene

Wine And Cheese Shots Are Totally Taking Over The Pregame Scene

Someone just made a wino lovers wildest dreams' come true with wine and cheese shots and people are simply losing their damn minds over it.

This hotly debated pairing is the newest commodity to takeover the pre-game scene, according to the foodies over at PopSugar.

It's essentially shot glasses made of cheese with red wine poured inside -- what more could a person want? 

So how does one make this killer combo? It's quite simple actually.

Prep Time: 45 min; serves 8

To start: Begin by shredding two pounds of cheddar cheese (or your cheese of choice) into a microwave safe bowl. 

Next up, put in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time -- stirring occasionally --  until the cheese is completely melted into liquidy-cheesy goodness.

Once you have your liquified, cheesy concoction, you're ready to pour the goop into silicone shot glass molds as seen below -- be careful cheese will be scalding hot.

Here's where majority of your prep time comes in -- the cheese must sit in the mold for 30 minutes --  to harden and take the shape of the shot glass.

Once your cheese has hardened, you can carefully remove them from the molds as such.

Here's where the real fun comes in -- que the wine. Fill up your handcrafted shot glass with your desired (red) wine of choice and you have yourself the perfect pre-game, drink/snack combo!

It's bound to be a conversation starter at your next wine and cheese gathering while you're sipping wine and nibbling on these tasty suckers.

It's quite simply the peanut butter and jelly for classy AF adults -- and if you really want to be bold and adventurous -- you can totally make the shot  glasses out of something else equally delicious as long as it will melt and harden similarly and experiment with various options.

Now what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give these crafty new pre-game additions a shot and see what the buzz is all about for yourself!

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