If You Love Wine AND Lipgloss, Look No Further Than This One Perfect Cosmetic!

If You Love Wine AND Lipgloss, Look No Further Than This One Perfect Cosmetic!

Ladies, listen up, because sh*t just got real. The Korean beauty company, Labiotte has just given a whole new meaning to the term wine drunk with their new booze-infused product that's bound to be a hit with any wino lover.

The beauty line has cleverly (and conveniently) merged two of our favorite things on the planet in one, with their Labiotte Chateau Wine Lipstick Fitting collection of boozy flavored lipsticks, glosses and balms. 

They even come in tiny tubes that resemble miniature-like wine bottles, which make them all the more adorable.

What's even better? Their matte formula lipsticks come in four different shades (wine varietals), so you can have an excuse to get wine drunk on any given occasion, regardless of what kind of wine drinker you are.

Wine-Infused Lip Balm from Labiotte


For instance, if you're into your more dry wines and/or want something a bit more natural looking for everyday (drinking) wear, they've got you covered with their Cabernet Red (a deep rose). 

But maybe you're into something a bit sweeter and/or like your fancier blends? They also have a rich shade of Shiraz Red (a pink-tinted red) or Nebbiolo Red (a cherry red) and darker hues such as Malbec Burgundy (a purplish berry) for a more evening-inspired look. They're all priced at just $15 and come with a sponge-tip applicator for more precision and accuracy.

Labiotte Official Instagram Account


And for my more natural-looking, non-lipstick wearing folks (who still love wine -- of course), their long-lasting Wine Lip Tints come in six shades at just $12 a pop. Plus, they have their tinted Wine Lip Balms for $8, and we certainly can all use that during these cold winter months.

Additionally, Labiotte's products are made with natural ingredients and extracts from real red wine, which has added anti-aging benefits, not to mention has been proven to be the equivalent of an hour at the gym.

And while you may not want to wait for them to ship all the way from Korea, they've just been picked up by places such as AmazoneBay and individually at Meme Box.

These booze-infused beauty products are proof you can get drunk while also looking good, because why should you have to comprise for one or the other?

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