10 Tragic Signs The Guy You're Falling For Is Actually A Fuckboy In Disguise

10 Tragic Signs The Guy You're Falling For Is Actually A Fuckboy In Disguise

Today's dating scene has been taken over by apps such as Tinder and Bumble, making fuckboys a dime a dozen now that their next "date" is just one right swipe away.

In fact, studies have shown that a man using dating apps as his primary source for meeting women is dating roughly six at the same time.

While some may be hard to spot, especially via apps, we've listed ten clues on how to tell whether the guy you're dating is really just a fuckboy disguised in nice guy packaging. So if your new guy is doing one or more of the below, it's time to ghost before you've been ghosted

He says all the right things.

A fuckboy is suave and smooth. He's polite to the extent that it's a bit overkill; he laughs at your jokes, and almost always goes in for a kiss on the first date. He knows what he's doing, because he's done this before. Remember: actions speak louder than words.

He doesn't take you out on proper dates.

If he's not putting in the effort to take you out on an actual date (i.e. somewhere other than his house and/or the local dive for drinks) and pay for you, he is without a doubt a fuckboy. 

His date destinations are suspiciously lazy.

However, if and when he does actually ask you on a date (err to hangout) it's to the local bar right next to his place and/or maybe just to his place to uh, Netflix & Chill. His date ideas seem effortless and/or lazy, because he's a fuckboy who doesn't like putting in any actual work or thought.

He never introduces you to his friends.

Not only does he never bring you around his friends, but if/when he actually does you're never properly introduced and definitely not as his girlfriend. 

He makes future plans with you.

A fuckboy disguised in nice guy packaging almost always is quick to make future plans with you (i.e. you want to go to Thailand? I'll take you go to Thailand), because he'll never actually follow through on them. Side note: this means he's probably also an avid traveler who doesn't stay in one place too long either.

He doesn't post much on social media.

A fuckboy will rarely prompt adding you to social media, maybe Instagram, but that doesn't really count; and if/when you do become friends you'll notice he doesn't post much and/or hides most of his content so he doesn't slip up or reveal too much.

He instantly asks for your Snapchat.

He may not post much to social media, and keeps a lot of it private, but that doesn't stop him from almost instantly asking for your Instagram and/or Snapchat so he can get a better view of your pics. Side note: if he has and/or sends a lot of selfies he's most definitely a fuckboy.

He doesn't ask you any personal questions.

He never starts off by asking any personal questions like what you do for a living, how many siblings you have, because well, he just plan doesn't care or plan on sticking around long enough.

He only talks about himself.

However, that doesn't stop him from divulging personal details on himself and his career, and what he went to school for and any and all opportunities to basically boast about himself.

He goes MIA then resurfaces out of nowhere.

He'll often times go MIA without any notice then resurface a week or two later out of nowhere with no real explanation or the classic "I've been busy" line.

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