8 Ways To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Gorgeous

8 Ways To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Gorgeous

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed sifting through the blogger and celebrity-like photos that look like something shot out of a magazine and wondered what you're doing wrong?

Besides the fact that they are well, celebrities, there's a lot that actually goes into achieving an elevated, blogger-looking Instagram, with things such as lighting, color, editing, and filter.

But, luckily for you we've collected some tips from the experts themselves so you too can look like the next style savvy blogger on Instagram.

Choose a Theme

Life with Me blogger Marianna Hewitt admits, "I've used the same editing process for the last year and the same four filters."

"My feed is pretty neutral, sticking to black, white, gray, tan and marble. I like my photos to look clean and I generally stick to the same types of photos and use flatly images, architecture and fabrics to tie the pictures together," she added.

However, that's just one bloggers preference, you have to go with what fits your personality best. Just make sure you stay consistent throughout so your page is cohesive.

Invest in a good Camera

Yes, some bloggers take photos with their iPhones, but more often than not many were shot beforehand with a processional camera and properly edited.

This bloggers first camera was the Nikon D610, which costs upwards of $900 and is perfect for beginners while still offering quality photos. He also offers some more affordable options for those with a smaller budget here.

Post Often

This may come as a surprise, but if you're serious about upping your 'gram game, then you're going to need to post at least once a day. In fact, some pros even recommend saving photos on your phone that are already edited and ready to go, to share later on a day when you're too busy/don't have something to post.

Choose the Right Lighting

You might notice your photos of you and your friends getting sloshed at the bar didn't bring in a lot of likes, and there's a reason for that (no, not because you were too drunk). Most bloggers shoot during the daytime, because natural light is the best light. Don't always rely on your flash. For additional tips, click here.

Don't Be Afraid to Use Outside Apps

Believe it or not, most bloggers use outside apps when editing, such as VSCOCam, Snapseed, and Facetune; and most aren't afraid to share their video editing secrets.

Experiment with Hashtags

Sure, no one wants to read a caption with #hashtag #overload, but that's why experienced bloggers write their desired caption followed by a repeated symbol such as "..." for the first few lines (so your hashtag gets buried below) and then #hashtag #like #crazy, because it will inevitably boost those "likes." Need more clever hashtag inspo, click here

Variety is Key

It's important to have some diversity on your page, so don't be afraid to mix things up between photos, boomerangs and motivational sayings to satisfy the needs of all your followers and keep things interesting.

Look at the Bigger Picture

More often than not when someone new discovers your page they're going to scroll through it as a whole so make sure it's visually appealing. Keep things uniform whether you want a white boarder around each picture or not. Do you have one too many cat memes? Too many OOTD?

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