5 Pre-Vetted Wines Guaranteed to Help You Make a Good Impression

5 Pre-Vetted Wines Guaranteed to Help You Make a Good Impression

In most gift-bearing and/or date-like circumstances, you can never  go wrong with a good bottle of wine. After all, who doesn't love wine?

But, what kind do you get? You don't want to show up with your Trader Joe's Chucky Shaw, because most of your friends are bound to know you've shelled out no more than three dollars. 

So that's why we've picked out these options recommended by wine aficionados from all over that aren't only good quality, but still decently priced and have an interesting backstory so you too can act like know what you're talking about (or at the very least pretend like you do).

For a Good Date Night Wine Option

If your date is a white drinker try Mas Julien Blanc 2011 from Languedoc, France. This wine is produced by forward-thinking wine maker Oliver Julien, who focuses on small production farming techniques when making his wine, so it's both organic and sustainable, according to Andrea Morris, a master sommelier at New York City's Nix restaurant

($35 wine-searcher.com)

For a Good Holiday Party Option

If you want a holiday-inspired varietal go with a high-valued red such as Montes Alpha Carmenere 2012. The Carmenere has gained cred as "a crazy wine for Cabernet lovers," according to Madeline Puckette, founder of the wine blog Wine Folly.

"The Chileans were planting this grape all over Chile, thinking it was Merlot. Turns out, they were actually planting a super-rare Bordeaux grape called Carmenere, which is now almost extinct in France," she added.

($16, wine-searcher.com)

For a High Class Champ Option

The two best occasions to drink some bubbly are for brunch and of course, New Years. While most only cost $5 a pop, impress upon your guests with a nice bottle of Larmandier-Bernier "Longitude" Extra Brut.

"The grapes in this 100-percent Chardonnay bubbly are sourced from some of France's most renowned vineyard sites. Put a ribbon around it, and it'll come off a lot classier than the gift-boxed, mass-produced champagne you could find at any super market," according to sommelier Darren Scott.

($45, wine-searcher.com)

The Dinner Party Option

If you're attending a dinner party and aren't quite sure what you're having (or even if you are) choose this Ernest Vineyards "The Artist" Pinor Noir 2014 for a light-bodied red that goes well with almost anything. 

"If you're looking for an impressive wine that pairs well with all types of food, this Pinot Noir is a great choice," said sommelier Eugenio Jardim.

It was made by a husband-and-wife duo, featuring label artwork from one of their grandmothers, he added.

($41, wine-searcher.com)

The Good First Impression Option

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with the Blackbird Vineyards "Paramour" 2013, which is one of the most renowned red wines hailing from France's Bordeaux region. "Blackbird takes its inspiration from the wines of the Right Bank village of Pomerol", said sommelier Scott.

Albeit, pricier, which is why it falls under the "good first impression option" for a first date or boss. It's a delicious ready-to-drink red blend that will only get better with age."

($115, wine-searcher.com)

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